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UHMW PE Marine Fenders with Lowest Water Absorption-a Shock Resistant Plastic

Material :Impact Wear Resistant Sheet;
Size :As Users Requirement;
Color :Deep Color.

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UHMW PE Marine fender is one our products exploited and developed for harbor and dock ,it has light weight ,best shock resistance ,non water absorption ,UV resistance ,ageing resistance ,wear resistance and low friction. It can effectively reduce the ship's shock ,the ageing by sunshine ,and the corrosion by sea water .The shapes of marine fender can be customized according to client's plan ,different colors for client's choice .


Marine fender's material is UHMW plastic ,so it's also called as UHMWPE fender .UHMWPE is a shock resistant plastic ,the shock resistant ability is 20 times more than PVC ,10 times more than nylon 66 ,8 times more than Teflon .It's the preferred choice for collision avoidance of ships .When touching the ship , the UHMWPE fender will rapidly transmit the collision force to his surface ,but it won't damage the concrete adhering ,it will absorb all the collision force .Even in condition that the ships shake or swing ,it will well protect the ship’s board from collision .The installation is very easy ,it needn't any maintenance .


All our marine fenders are made by pure UHMW plastic with molecular weight more than 3 millions .The length of molecular chain  is 10-20 times than HDPE(high density polyethylene) ,the longer molecular chain gives it better performance .Because it has self lubrication ,we needn't worry about the wear resistance ;because it has uhmw water absorption ,we don't worry if it will expand ;because it has chemical resistance ,it won't be corroded by sea water ;because it has UV resistance ,the ageing speed is very slow ,durable for decades .


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