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UHMWPE Marine Dock Fenders For Boats

Raw Material: 100% UHMW Polyethylene;
Width: 100mm-2200mm;
Impact Strength: 198KJ/m2;
Abraision: 1.3mg;

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Marine fender is also called dock fender. It's made to protect the dock's equipment and boats approaching .Without dock fender, the boat which is approaching will directly impact the dock's border. It may violently make a great damage of dock's border. Then we have to repair it in order that other boats can well use it. As people said, adding dock fender for boats is necessary. Tangyin Dingyuan boat fenders for sale.


Marine fender system is a multiple and complicated project. It's installed for the aim to protect both the boat and the dock's border, so it must be soft, but not too soft without any hardness. It must be impact absorbing in order to reduce the impact energy from the boat approaching. Marine fenders has many sorts, which are common used is rubber fenders, foam fenders, pneumatic fenders and engineering plastic fenders. Among all of them ,plastic marine fender is proved to be the highest quality lowest cost product. It's also one of our main product and now we'll emphatically introduce it .


Plastic material is not like rubber material ,its hardness is a little more than rubber ,so its deformation rate after impact is less than rubber ,but it's not as hard as other tough material. Oonly when it should be impacted by violent force ,the engineering plastic fender will make light deformation to protect both the boat and the dock's border .The rubber has not same wear resistance as engineering plastics ,even the formula of rubber + carbon black can't give it an excellent wear resistance, so the user have to make periodic replacement by new parts. In addition ,the rubber fender has certain water absorption rate ,but engineering plastic especially UHMWPE fender has nearly zero water absorption rate ,that is a very important index for choice of marine fender's material .


Foam fender or pneumatic fender has softer character ,also good energy absorption ability ,but it's too soft to support great impact .For big ships or vessels ,we'd better use UHMWPE fender instead of other marine fenders .Our UHMWPE fender is a custom-made product ,the shape and the size data will be saved in PC terminal which work together with CNC router ,so the final appearance will be exactly alike user's design .


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