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UHMWPE Boat Dock Bumper

Raw Material: 100% UHMW Polyethylene;
Environmental stress crack resistance:>600hours/50℃;
High load melt index: 10g/10min;
Flexural modulus: 1.172Gpa;

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Dock bumper also known as boat bumper ,it’s usually placed at the edge of dock .The bumper is like a buffer to absorb the impact force from the boat ,the boat dock bumper will protect both the two impacted parts .


Traditional boat bumper is some adhesive tape ,they are pasted at the edge of boat ,but the protection effect is limit ,and it’s easy to drop down .The adhesive tape could be metal or soften material ,the metal is more wear resistant but it can also give damage to dock ,the soften material is much better than metal .Plastic is ideal material for making such dock bumper ,the most common used is foamed plastic ,it has advantage such as very light weight and cheap price ,but it’s so fragile and so easy to be damaged .Once the foamed plastic dock bumper could be broken ,impossible to repair it as original appearance .Following technique innovation ,manufacturers begin to use rigid plastic to replace the foamed plastic .Because the rigid plastic is more wear resistant ,it can support ultra high impact force ,it has extra long lifetime for using .   


Because the boat dock bumper is installed under water ,it’s also called as marine bumper .Marine bumper has many types ,UHMWPE bumper is only one type of them ,but the best one .Why we can make such a conclusion ?Firstly UHMWPE has excellent performance ,the people called it amazing plastic ,especially some ability to absorb the impact force ;secondly the cost is not expensive as some super engineering plastics .UHMWPE marine bumper is one of our important products ,it represents our manufacturing level ,we have also other boat dock bumper products for sale .


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