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UHMW Plastic Sheet with High Wear Resistance Used as Silos or Hoppers Liner

Type:Wear Resistant Liner;
Molecular Weight:3000000-10500000;
Curvature:As Clients Requirement;
Color :Black.

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UHMW plastic sheet has self lubricating ability and can suffer immense impact ,what's more important is UHMW wear resistance and the low friction factor. Because it has very low water absorbing ability, it's considered as an ideal material for silo. Our liner products mainly include UHMW materials silo liner and hopper liner .


There are two types of cementation by goods inside of silo ,the one type is the cementation of humid goods on the inner wall of silo then becoming thick and thick until block all goods in silo; the other type is the collision by two or more cemented blocks which were already formed by humid goods then becoming big block so it can block all other goods. When opening the outlet ,there is only some goods below the block can flow out of it ,most of goods will be blocked .


With many research and tests ,the best way is to use UHMW plastic sheet as the silo liner ,in the help of self lubrication and nearly non water-absorbing ability ,the UHMW liner can avoid all types of block goods .

The application of UHMW liner for hopper can tremendously improve his working efficiency ,because the UHMW silo liner never makes goods blocked together or with the surface of liner .Sure the goods will never adhere to the liner ,especially in some very cold area ,the goods will never adhere together or with our hopper liner .Even transport for acidity or alkalinity substance ,by the help of UHMW liners ,the substance has nothing corrosion for the hopper.


The UHMW plastic sheet is widely used as silo liner or hopper liner for mining industry ,machining manufacturing ,food industry and packing industry ,the UHMW liner can also be used as ships cargo cabin's liner ,it can furthest prevent the goods from adherence .

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