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UHMW Plastic Screen Sheet Board Plate

Material :UHMW Polyethylene;
Type :High Strength filter screen;
Size :As Clients Size
Color :White Or Customized Color

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Plastic screen is the main part of filter press ,it has a long application history .In early time ,the screen is made by metal ,the steel sheet is very easy to rust ,however the inox  sheet is very expensive ,along with the application of engineering plastic ,the people tried to find an ideal plastic material to replace metal screen ,finally they discover a plastic screen called ultra high molecular weight briefly as UHMW PE is very suitable to use as screen for filter press .Since then ,the UHMW screen begins to replace metal screen to use in various filter press .Comparison with other plastic screen ,the UHMW screen has higher strength ,the impact resistance and the wear resistance is the best among all plastic materials ,but the cost is not at all expensive .


The screen in filter press is a lots of lines of plastic screen sheets ,the plastic screen sheet is also called plastic screen plate or plastic screen board .Two very important factors will effect the quality of plastic screen plate ,it’s the quality of plastic plate and the drilling holes precision .We adopts the compression mould UHMW plate ,because the UHMW plate made by this method has better property .All drilling holes process were made by CNC routers ,the accuracy can reach 0.01mm .


Normally the suspension liquid’s concentration is less than 10% ,the working pressure less than 0.3-1.6Mpa ,the common strength plastic board for screen can’t bear such high pressure .But if using our UHMW plastic screen board ,it can solve this problem easily .The suspension liquid’s concentration can be more than 10% ,the working pressure can reach 2MPa .The plastic screen board’s quality depends on its manufacturing technology .Our plastic screen board is specially fit for ultra high compressure dehydration process .


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