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UHMW Plastic Filter Sheet Board Plate

Density :0.98g/m3;
Tensile Strength:37MPa;
Impact Strength:198KJ/m2;
Friction Coefficient:0.1-0.2;
Abraision :1.3mg.

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Filter press is an equipment to separate solid from liquid ,it has long application history for industry ,and good separation effect ,especially for thin impurity ,it has uncomparable advantage .The filter press is constituted by plastic filter sheets (the plastic filter sheet is also called as plastic filter plate or plastic filter board) .There are two types filter press ,they are frame type filter press and box type filter press ,both the two types filter press use the same plastic filter sheet ,but the shape and the size will be different .


The frame type filter press use two different plastic filter plate ,one is full of holes with two concave surface ,the other is hollow without holes ,then we put one plate with holes next to one hollow plate ,the interval is filled with filter cloth ,all the two types plastic filter plates we can produce .The box type filter press use the same size and the same shape of plastic filter board, all plastic filter boards are placed horizontally .When it works ,the pressure pomp will put the mixture into filter zoom ,then all the impurity will be blocked by plastic filter boards .The difference between frame type filter press and box type one is the working mode ,box type filter press can work without stop ,but the frame type one just work intermittently. The frame type filter press is usually smaller than box type one ,but it has very lower cost, so it's suitable for small production.

Length and width±5mm
Thickness less than 100mm±5mm
Thickness 100-200mm±5mm
Drilling holes±5mm
Countersink depth±5mm

Our plastic filter sheet is made by UHMW PE sheet (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet) ,but different from other UHMW PE sheet ,our UHMW PE sheet was made by compression mould technology ,the strength is much higher than other products .All our UHMW filter sheets were engraved by CNC router ,the machining precision can reach 0.1mm .UHMW filter sheet has excellent strength ,hard to adhere impurity and very easy to clean .When stop working ,the impurity cake can fall down automatically .

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