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The Most Impact Resistant Plastic-UHMW PE SPEC Sheet with UV Resistance

Type:UV Resistant UHMW PE Sheet;
Adjuvant :UV Resistant Reductant;
Size :2M*2M;1.2M*3M;1.5M*3M;2M*10M;
Color :White;Black;Red;Yellow;Blue;Green...

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As a new type engineering plastic ,UHMW PE was well-known by its impact resistant character. The impact resistance was ranked as the first place in all engineering plastics ,equivalence 2 times than polypropylene or 5 times than abs plastic .Even in condition of -196°C which was the temperature of liquid nitrogen ,it maintained also the superb toughness. 

Proved by scientific test ,the value of impact absorption of UHMWPE is the highest,the noise reduction effect is not bad .Except of heat resistance ,the comprehensive property of UHMWPE is better than Teflon called as "king of plastics",so it's usually called as "amazing plastic".In conclusion ,UHMWPE is the most impact resistant plastic. 


Besides ,UHMW product has good UV resistance .Through the way of adding adjuvants ,the UV resistance can be immensely strengthened .The UHMW PE sheet made by our factory can be widely used for outdoor or field circumstance ,the place covered by it will be well protected from UV damage.


Only the molecular weight more than 3 millions polyethylene can be named ultra high molecular weight polyethylene ,but normally the molecular weight is not more than 10 millions ,our factory produce different molecular weights UHMW sheets with client's requirement .Because of different molecular weight ,the processing mode will be different ,so the price also different ,the clients can choose the right molecular weights UHMW sheet according to usage demand. 

Our UHMW spec sheets production line applied to the ultra high static compressing & molding and full automatic temperature control system ,the machining UHMW polyethylene pressure attain to 16800 tons which is actually the biggest in this domain. 


For nonstandard molecular weight UHMW PE sheets ,please get in touch with our sales represent.

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