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Temporary Road Access Mat for Sale

Length :100mm-5000mm;
Thickness :10mm-300mm;
Working Temperature:-250℃ to +90℃;
Impact Strength:198KJ/m2;
Abraision :1.3mg;

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Temporary road mat is used for paving road ,convenience for passing heavy vehicles and different construction machinery .In many construction projects ,we always find certain section of road is full of mud ,especially after rain ,if we drive vehicles to pass ,it will be a great risk to be mired .We must put temporary road mat on such ground ,temporary road mat is also called as temporary access mat ,the usage is to ensure the safety of vehicles and make every vehicle can pass smoothly .It’s a common used auxiliary tool to help vehicles ,devices and walkers to move through muddy ground ,an ideal solution for passing sludgy road .

With many tests for choosing the raw material of temporary road mat ,the people find the metal is so heavy to use and difficult to keep well ,the wood is not enough strong to support heavy vehicles and not durable to use ,finally they find an ideal plastic material ,the name is ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW PE).The density is only 0.93g/cm3 ,lighter than water and close to wood ,very easy to move and carry .Because of good chemical resistance ,it will never rust ,the aging speed is very low .The wear resistance is even better than iron ,not fragile at all ,very solid to use .


UHMW PE temporary road mat can be used for construction site ,temporary parking space or temporary access , it’s also known as construction mat .No matter how muddy the ground is ,a sheet of temporary access mat can solve the problem .Our temporary access mat is made by hot compression mould tech ,the undersurface is processed by milling machine ,approach to rough surface which can guarantee road holding force ,the front surface is impressed antiskid pattern .So the temporary access mat is not only strong enough to bear great impact ,but also very durable to use .There are many types of temporary road mat for sale ,if the order quantity is sufficient ,we can make client’s logo on its surface .Normally the color is black ,if you need specific color ,please contact our sales agent .


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