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Synthetic Ice Panels Rink for Sale with Best Price

Density :0.95-1.08g/m3;
Breakage Extension:≥300%;
Impact Strength:198KJ/m2;
Indentation Strength:39N/mm2;
Friction Coefficient:0.1-0.2.

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Synthetic ice panels ,it's briefly called as ice panels ,now are widely applied for ice sports place .The raw material of synthetic ice panels is high molecular weight plastic ,it's a compound polymer made with new high technique .


Comparison with natural ice skating rink ,the cost of synthetic ice rink is only a quarter of it .If using our synthetic ice panels ,the cost of construction is about 100 US dollars ,the maintenance cost is much easier ,nearly zero cost .The size of synthetic ice rink has no limit ,any else limit for place and environment .So whether the season is winter ,autumn or summer and spring ,whether the temperature is low or high ,we can well enjoy the skating sports with it .

Comparison with natural ice rink

Ground foundation

Concrete or sand

Any solid surface

Refrigeration equipment

2 air compressors





Real ice rink cost

1000-2000 usd/m2

200 usd/m2

Maintenance equipment

Zamboni polisher

Dust collector and brush

Maintenance cost 



Water consumption

2600 gallons per day


Daily maintenance

Every day


Installation time 

4-6 months

4-6 hours

Our synthetic ice panels are made by ultra high molecular weight polyethylene briefly as UHMW PE ,it’s believed as the most slick plastic all over kinds of plastics ,it has the excellent auto lubrication ability ,that’s the reason why we should do few maintenance for it .The most important advantage of synthetic ice rink is his very cheap cost ,the price is only 1/4 to 1/8 of a natural ice rink .So many customers who has tried synthetic ice rink believe it must be an ideal replacement for natural ice rink ,synthetic ice rink price is very cheap .Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering plastics Co.,Ltd provides the best synthetic ice rink for sale ,welcome customers to visit and discuss .


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