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Swamp Mat Mud Mat

Raw Material :100% UHMW Polyethylene;
Width :100mm-2000mm;
Raised Stripe Height:7mm;
Density :0.93g/m3;
Chemical Resistance:Din8075;

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Swamp mat ,another name said as mud mat ,it’s a necessary tool for construction or for transport heavy equipment .It has the advantage of easy using ,we can carry it by pickup truck ,every swamp mat has handspike by which we can take it out .Only two adults can carry it and move to the side where need to use .


Our swamp mat or mud mat was made by compound macromolecule material ,the surface was impressed by coverplate which brings regular stripes en herringbone pattern .The surface can’t be processed to be smooth ,because the walker or the vehicle on it need more friction to move .Even in very bad weather ,these raised stripes can ensure the safe passing and furthest avoid any slipping .The design is for easy moving and using ,it’s a suitable mobile tool .

Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd is an enterprise for specialized production ,there are different types mud mats for sale .For example ,the general type is for general case ;for big or important equipment ,we can choose the type of mud mats for heavy equipment ;for frequent using case ,we can choose the type for mud mats for construction .We always have appropriate swamp mat for you .


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