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Low Friction Plastic-synthetic Ice Sheets for Plastic Ice Skating Rink

Rink Floor Material:UHMW Polyethylene;
Rink Barrier:High Strength PE;
Size :1M*1M;2M*2M;
Color :Pure White

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Plastic ice skating rink is a new popular sport product come from Europe and America. Benefit from technical progress ,the synthetic plastic surface almost has not difference from real ice ,but it has unapproachable advantage in cost. Meanwhile, it won't be restricted by weather factor ,regardless of wind ,snow or rain. No matter the temperature would be high or low ,you can always enjoy the skating sport on our low friction plastic surface, but need not pay for an expensive cost for making real ice .Without complicated ice-making equipments ,without electricity and water consumption ,it's appropriate for all skating sports .The innovative producting mode makes it the most popular synthetic ice rink product .


Our synthetic ice rink product is suitable for all size and all usage rinks including ice hockey rink ,figure skating rink ,common skating rink ,fiesta rink…Indoors or outdoors, it's not restricted by season or weather condition ,the mounting or dismounting very easy ,movable for all kinds place.

The synthetic ice sheet is also called as synthetic ice panel ,made by UHMW sheet (white colour,molecular weight 3-9 millions) ,it applies the lowest friction character of UHMW sheet .The UHMW sheet is not toxic or harmful ,the friction coefficient is the best among all engineering plastics, the surface almost equal to real ice .

A synthetic ice rink ,the cost is only 25% of a real ice rink .After the installation ,we only need to make waxing on it .If there are some pieces damaged ,we should just change the damaged piece .


At present market ,we found many HDPE panels (high density polyethylene) pretented to be synthetic ice panels ,the price also less than true synthetic ice panels ,so we don’t expect the comparison prices between them . 

According to clients requirement ,the thickness of synthetic ice panels can be customized ,the main size as following:












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