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Flat Conveyor Belt Idler Return Idler

Flat Idler Diameter:89,108,133mm;
Flat Idler Length:600-1600mm;
Belt Width :500-1400mm;
Resistance Against Rotation:<3.5N;
Duration Of Life:20000 hours;

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Flat idler is the most common used idler ,the vast major of idlers are flat idler .Flat idler is also called as return idler ,because it’s often used as return idler ,almost all return idlers are flat idlers .It’s has the largest quantity ,so it’s also our main product .


Belt conveyor is constituted by the frame ,the belt and the idlers .Among them ,idlers occupy 35% cost and more than a half of weight .Conveyor belt idlers property affect the performance of conveyor ,in early time ,the people used to steel idler ,it’s strong but so heavy to carry and easy to rust .Nor we use high molecular weight plastics as conveyor belt idlers material ,so the weight is immensely reduced ,especially the service life is prolonged .


Return idler is installed in under surface of belt conveyor ,it occupy half of all idlers of a belt conveyor .It’s not like troughing idler ,it won’t bear any load ,so we needn’t use troughing idler or training idler to protect conveyor’s belt .The making of return idler is relatively simple ,it’s all flat belt idler .One steel axle is in center ,the surface of idler is made by high molecular weigh plastic ,wear resistance ,impact resistance and has best chemical resistance .Because the return idler don’t load material ,so it often has longer life than other load idlers .In normal case ,it needn’t many maintenance .



The size of flat belt idler are different ,it depend on conveyor's belt size ,the largest more than 1000mm .The interval of each flat belt idler must be calculated by mathematical formulas ,the color is black ,but can be customized ,welcome to contact us to know more details .

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