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Colored UHMW PE Sheet

--Cold compression moulding technique;
--Largest length UHMW PE sheet 10M;
--Full range of UHMW PE colored sheets;
--16800MT compression mould manufacturing technique;

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Colored UHMW sheet is our standard product ,it has a molecular weight 3-9 Million. It is made by virgin UHMW PE resin and contains no reprocessed UHMW materials or additives .Not like other UHMW PE sheet suppliers who can only provide white UHMW sheet or black UHMW sheet ,our colored UHMW sheet is available in a wide variety of colors such as green UHMW sheet or red UHMW sheet ,specific colors UHMW sheet can be manufactured with client’s orders .Its many desirable properties make it extremely versatile ,all our colored UHMW sheets are made in China ,in our Yigou Industry Park manufacturing base .


To make uniform and high quality of colored UHMW sheet ,besides standard manufacturing process ,we attach importance to the mixing materials .Before pouring materials to the mould ,the UHMW PE resin must be mixed with coloring element ,different mixing proportion shows different color .In mixing machine ,the mixing impeller turning rapidly ,it makes coloring particles well mixed together with UHMW PE resins ,the color after mixing becomes uniform that provides guarantee to get the uniform colored UHMW sheet .


Our colored UHMW sheet offers great abrasion resistance ,high impact strength and excellent sliding properties ,making it ideal for use in machine construction, plant construction and conveyor technology .It's also ideal for use for fendering applications in ports, as a lining for highly exposed areas and as a material for the sports and skiing industry.


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