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Chamber Frame Press Filter Plate

Working Temperature: -250℃ to +90℃;
Hardness: 62 Shore D;
Tensile Strength Yield: 33Mpa;
Max. Tensile Strength: 48Mpa;

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Frame press filter is a mature product. It has long production history, though continuous technological improvement. Its performance has been well changed, and is suitable for multiple uses. It's widely applied for many industries such as paper industry ,oil industry ,water treatment, etc.. It has very simple structure and easy to be maintained. Its main part is filter plate. The filter plate is also called chamber filter plate, because the filter plate is square shape. It's usually hollow in center ,like a small chamber ,so we call it chamber filter plate or plate for filter. Inside of filter press, many plates were placed parallelly, stacked layer by layer. When water or oil which was mixed with impurity enter ,it must pass through every layer of frame filter plate. All impurity of big size will be refused by these frame filter plates ,thus all impurity will be separated from mixture and the water or the oil will be well filtered .


Frame press filter size chart

The size and the figure of filter press plates can be customized by requirements. Whether how complicated figure of these press filter plates were, the advanced equipment can process it. When the raw material plate was made ,it would be cut into correct shape and every raw edge will be treated by experienced workers. Then these material plates will be send to CNC router's platform, this machine is operated by computer and it will drill holes and grind these plates until formation of filter press plates. We have 4 big size CNC routers and 4 smaller one and they can treat more than 100 press filter plates one day.

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