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UHMW PE Sheets with Super Chemical Resistance, Best Properties and Applications

Type :UHMW PE sheet;
Molecular Weight:3000000-10500000;
Size :2M*2M;1.2M*3M;1.5M*3M;2M*10M;
Color :White;Black;Red;Yellow;Blue;Green...

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UHMW PE sheet hasn't any odor and non-toxic ,the hand feeling is like wax .For ultra high impact force ,it has good absorption ability ,the wear resistance is also good, it has low friction ,the heat resistance is not bad .The cold resistance is amazing ,even in condition of -265℃ ,it keeps excellent stretching resistance and shock resistance .


As one of new type engineering plastics, UHMWPE properties are advanced .In the range of certain temperature and concentration ,it can bear various corrosive substance ,acid or alkali , UHMWPE has superior chemical resistance .The anti-adhesion ability is strong ,only inferior to Teflon ,completely healthful without any toxicity ,it can touch food or medicine .The density is the lowest all over various engineering plastics ,56% lighter than Teflon . UHMWPE applications are very wide ,for example food industry ,packing industry ,chemical or medical industry ,machinery and vehicle manufacturing…

Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd applies the ultra high compressure & molding and full automatic temperature control system ,the static compressing force attain to 16800 tons, it’s the biggest working force in UHMWPE manufacturing domain .The products has the best uniformity ,very dense and solid ,represented the best quality in this domain.


Our UHMWPE sheets stretching strength can reach 3~3.5GPa ,the stretching molding value attain to 100~125GPa .Its fibers strength is the highest all over plastic fibers ,4 times higher than carbon fiber ,10 times higher than steel wire ,the impact resistance is 150KJ/㎡ ,never cracked .The anti-cracking ability is 200 times better than normal polyethylene ,even in very cold condition ,these abilities never changed . UHMWPE chemical resistance is excellent ,except of certain strong oxygen acid ,it hardly react with any substance , UHMWPE physical properties hasn’t been changed .

We have all kinds of size for supplying ,non cutting UHMW sheets size as following :

UHMW-PE Sheet Standard Size List
Standard size(English)Thickness(English)Standard size(Metric)Thickness(Metric)
3'×8'≤1/16"; 1/4";3/8";1/2";≥3/4"0.6m×2m1-5mm;6mm;8mm;10mm;12mm;≥15mm
4'×6'≤1/16"; 1/4";3/8";1/2";≥3/4"1.3m×2m1-5mm;6mm;8mm;10mm;12mm;≥15mm
4'×8'≤1/8"; 1/4";3/8";1/2";3/4";1-10";≥10"1.3m×3m1-5mm;6mm;8mm;10mm;12mm;≥15mm
4'×10'≤1/4"; 3/8";1/2";3/4";1-10";≥10"1.2m×3m≤6mm;8mm;10-100mm;100-260mm;≥260mm
3'×6'≤1/4"; 3/8";1/2";3/4";1-10";≥10"1m×2m≤6mm;8mm;10-100mm;100-260mm;≥260mm
5'×8'≤1/4"; 3/8";1/2";3/4";1-10";≥10"2m×2m≤6mm;8mm;10-100mm;100-260mm;≥260mm
5'×10'≤1/4"; 3/8";1/2";3/4";1-10";≥10"2m×3m≤6mm;8mm;10-100mm;100-260mm;≥260mm
6'×14'≤3/8";1/2";3/4";1-10"2m×4m≤10mm; 15mm;20-200mm;200-260mm
7'×16'≤3/8";1/2";3/4";1-10"2m×5m≤10mm; 15mm;20-200mm;200-260mm
7'×32'≤3/8";1/2";3/4";1-10"2.2m×10m≤10mm; 15mm;20-200mm;200-260mm

All cutting UHMW sheets size ,please get in touch with our sales represents .

Our products are mainly provided for United States ,West Europe ,Japan ,Korea and Australia customers ,well UHMW applications for many famous brands .The reputation can’t be hold without client’s support ,we believe only the best products can acquire clients satisfaction ,we stand with clients for development together .

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