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Artificial Ice Surface Sheets for Skating Rink

Friction Coefficient:0.1-0.2;
Abrasion :1.3mg;
Expansion Coefficient:<2×10-4 K-1;
Deformation Temperature:93℃;
Environment:Indoors Or Outdoors.

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Artificial ice rink is a movable athletic facility ,different from real ice rink ,artificial ice surface is constituted by artificial ice sheets ,the material is one type of high performance engineering plastics ,the surface is slick and wear resistant .On artificial ice surface ,we can make skating ,hockey ,dancing and other ice sports .In the meantime to enjoy ice sports ,we needn’t to worry about the ice to melt with such high temperature and the damage to ice surface by ice skating blade .It can be placed in hall for hotels ,playground or training center .



The manufacturing technique has influence to artificial ice sheets ,previously the artificial ice sheet was made by hot extruding method ,the products by this method has very slick surface which can match mirror surface ,but after many tests ,it’s confirmed that the wear resistance is not like we predict .Only with compression mould method ,the artificial ice sheets can have strong enough performance to use .All our raw material is 100% pure polymer with molecular weight more than 7 millions ,the working condition has not any dust or moisture .For the sake of having good strength and wear resistance ,we adopt ultrahigh pressure processing system ,the working pressure can reach 16800MT ,the melted polymer powder was in a closed mould and compressed by such a high pressure ,the duration for moulding is more than 12 hours ,then the melted material in mould will be compressed one more time for cold forming ,this duration is also long .Finally the artificial ice sheets have perfect performance ,the service life is 5 years at least .


To install an artificial ice skating rink is very simple ,all artificial ice sheets have jagged edge ,we can assemble these sheets with joint such jagged edge ,only a wooden mallet will be enough .The real ice rink need refrigeration equipment to make cold temperature ,after every time of using ,we can clean and polish the ice surface .But the artificial ice surface don’t need to polish ,we only smear some colorless lubricant is enough .The artificial ice surface is easy to clean ,any common used detergent with water can wash it out ,because it has good chemical resistance .Artificial ice skating rink is specially suitable for outside place ,whether in hot or cold condition ,it has not any transformation ,the wear resistance and other properties have not any change .


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