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All UHMW sheets were made by cold compression moulding technique and processed by CNC machines.UHMW sheet is the raw material for making silo liner ,marine fender ,temporary road mat and crane outrigger mat.Our main products are medium or thick UHMW-PE sheets,the thickness from 6mm to 300mm.We have 4 full automatic production lines for processing the size from 1.2m×3.5m to 2.2m×10.0m.All UHMW sheets must be tested with strict criterion,our products have got ISO ,CE, SGS and other international certificates.
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UHMW sheet is also called UHMW board or UHMW plate ,the big sheet can be cut into small UHMW panels .It’s our main product ,we have 4 full automatic production lines which can process UHMW board (UHMW plate) with the size from 1.2m×3.0m to 2.2m×10.0m .The whole production process adopts full-automatic temperature & pressure control system ,the maximal pressure can reach 16800 tons . All products must be tested with strict criterion ,we can provide ISO ,CE, SGS and other international certificates .The UHMW panels are widely used in various domains ,depending on its excellent wear resistance ,impact resistance ,self lubrication...... ,it will be more and more applied in future . Largest size UHMW sheet,marine fender,outrigger pad,silo liner..
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