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UHMW Pipe and UHMW Tube

Outside Diameter:60-500mm;
Thickness :10-70mm;
Length :As Clients Requirement;
Bending Strength:27Mpa;
Elasticity Modulus:680Mpa.

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The common used pipe is steel pipe or plastic pipe ,the steel pipe is usually used for industry ,the plastic pipe’s application is wider ,because it’s suitable both for civil and industrial use .The steel pipe’s weight is great ,and it’s easy to rust ,though the stainless steel pipe is hard to rust but it’s expensive .The tube is usually smaller or finer than pipe .For many years ,the people tried to find a suitable type pipe to replace steel pipe ,UHMW pipe or UHMW tube is a correct choice .


UHMW pipe and UHMW tube are mainly made by extruding method ,the length has not limit ,we can make the length as long as we want ,but the diameter is limited by extruding machine’s mould ,even so ,the common used diameter has not problem to make it .If comparison with low cost PVC pipe ,the wear resistance and the durability are much better ,especially in very cold condition ,this point is incomparable for such a pipe .Another important advantage is the auto lubricating ability ,if the material inside need very smooth surface ,we’d better choose UHMW pipe .


As one of plastic material ,the defect of UHMW pipe is the same as other common plastic pipe ,it’s hard to be welded ,we can only connect them by flange and bent pipe ,the standard pieces .The UHMW tube is mainly used to fill chemical solvent ,because UHMW tube has excellent chemical resistance .Until now ,the application for UHMW pipe and UHMW tube is not perfect ,it need we pay more efforts to research and explore .


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