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UHMW Bar Products Including UHMW Track,UHMW Channel,chain Guide and Guide Rails

Shape :As Clients Drawing;
Bending Strength:27Mpa;
Nontoxicity & Harmlessness :Good;
Friction Coefficient:0.1-0.2;
Inflammability :UL94.

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UHMW-PE is made by ethylene and butadiene individual units in condition of high temperature and catalyst ,than polymeride as ultra high molecular weight more than 3 millions polymer .The UHMW bar is usually made by cutting UHMW sheet or by extruding directly ,it’s used as buffer UHMW bar , UHMW track ,UHMW channel ,UHMW chain guide and UHMW guide rails .长条尺寸.jpg


1. UHMW buffer bar can be applied to belt conveyor ,as the protective layer around the belt which can ensure well running the belt and avoid the possible damage .The surface of UHMW bar is very smooth ,it has the most impact resistance and wear resistance ,so it’s an ideal buffer bar type .

2. UHMW chain guide rail is a plastic part to guide chains ,so it must be a wear resistance part and can support certain impact force .The UHMW chain guide can outstandingly reduce the running noise and prolong the service lift for chains . It’s made by our UHMWPE with molecular weight more than 3 millions ,the self lubrication ability is distinctly better than other engineering plastics even with or without lubricating oil .

3. When the wear resistance of UHMWPE has been found ,it’s processed to UHMW track .Because of the superior wear resistance ,it attracted many users attention .Since the invention ,UHMW track always hold the first place in all wear resistance tracks ,also the best choice for wear resistant requirement .

4. UHMW channel used 5 millions molecular weight UHMW-PE as material ,it has advantage as economic ,non pollution ,high precision ,no noise and environmental .The UHMW channel has light weight ,can self lubricate and support frequent impact ,the working temperature from -200℃ to +80℃ .Even in very humid condition ,it has good chemical resistance ,authorized by EU and USA FDA as a touching food and medical material .



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