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Customized UHMW Parts Including UHMW Scraper,UHMW Bearing,UHMW Gears and UHMW Washers

Shape :According To Clients Drawing;
Impact Strength:198KJ/m2;
Breakage Extension:≥300%;
Ball Indentation Strength:39N/mm2;
Deformation When Max Tensile:≥350%.

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Ultra high molecular polyethylene (UHMWPE) has the similar molecular structure of normal polyethylene ,but the mechanical property is quite different from normal polyethylene .Especially the impact resistance ,the wear resistance ,the chemical resistance ,the self lubrication and the anti-adhering ability is the best and any other plastic can match .


The material can be transformed to various shapes of UHMW parts ,these UHMW parts are widely used in many domain .Our factory process all kinds of customized UHMW parts according to client’s requirement ,in this page we introduce some typical UHMW parts as following :

1. UHMW scraper is the most popular type of scrapers .The material is UHMW PE ,it has low friction ,high wear resistance and impact resistance ,the scraper won’t be broken and hurt the belt .So it’s widely used in mine ,metallurgy industry ,the service life is 3-4 times than common material scrapers .

2. UHMW bearing’s inner ring and outer ring are all UHMW material ,the frame is resin ,the core is steel ball .The UHMW bearing can be used in water or very humid condition ,it can bear low and high temperature ,the surface is very smooth and the structure is very strong ,there is nearly tention ,it has self lubrication and the friction is very low ,so it has incomparable advantage .

3. UHMW gears are for transmission ,now it’s more widely used in various mechanism transmission .UHMW gear is one type of plastic gears ,the material is UHMW polyethylene .The gear is a toothed occlusion mechanical part ,it’s one of the most important part machinery domain .


4. Compared with steel washers ,the UHMW washers have much more advantage such as electric isolation ,chemical resistance ,thermal insulation and non magnetism ,and it’s lighter ,widely used in semiconductor ,automobile ,aviation and decoration fields .The UHMW washer is made with injection molding method ,this method is applied the principle of injection syringe ,the injection forming machine is like injection syringe ,the melted UHMW plastic liquid is like injection liquid ,the finger pressure is like the hydraulic pressure of machine ,than the melted plastic liquid will be injected through a small hole into the mould ,and form the final product.


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