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UHMW scraper,UHMW channel,UHMW rail,all machined UHMW parts can be processed with client order.Except of standard parts,our factory can also process custom-made UHMW parts according to drawing of client,and provide semi-finished products such as UHMW rod,UHMW bar,UHMW block.Because of the ultra long molecular chain,its elongation at break is very high,it makes the processing of UHMW parts very hard.To guarantee a high precision for UHMW parts,we all use CNC machines to process.
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (PE) is briefly called UHMW PE or PE UHMW ,it’s a high molecular weight polymer .It has all advantage of PE such as light weight ,low temperature resistance and good chemical resistance .with the invention of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW PE) ,more and more characteristics have been found and applied to different industries . Besides of UHMW sheets ,we can produce many UHMW parts according to client’s requirement ,and provide semi-finished products such as UHMW rod ,UHMW bar ,UHMW block...for clients. If you want to use the most wear resistant and impact resistant plastic as materials for your new application ,please get in touch with us.
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