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UHMW Polyethylene Round Rod Stock

1.Length :1-10m;
2.Width :0.5-2m;
3.Thickness :10-300mm;
4.Molecular Weight:3-9millions;

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UHMW round stock is also called UHMW rod stock. It's a common used stock which we constantly have a large quantity .Because UHMW round stock has many applications. It's suitable to fabricate round shaped parts ,so we always prepare a considerable stock for clients .There are two manufacturing methods for UHMW round stock ,the first method is direct extruding .It’s a more efficient method ,but the quality is not very good ,the primary cause is the working compressure not enough to reach a good wear resistance .The working process begins with feeding raw material ,firstly the UHMW polyethylene powder was put into feeding hoppers ,then the heater inside will heat the powder to melt it .Until the heated UHMW polyethylene powder reach an enough flowability ,we should make a high pressure to extrude it .The mould is made by high strength stainless steels ,the melted raw material will be extruded by mould and form the final round shape .After cooling ,the UHMW round stock will have certain mechanical strength but not as good as compression mould made products .

DiameterMolecular WeightColor

The second manufacturing method is compression mould .UHMW round stock will have better properties but the cost is a few higher than the first one .Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd devoted all efforts to supplier the high quality and low cost UHMW round stock ,the aim is to be the best UHMW polyethylene supplier in this domain .To keep the technical advantage ,we want share production experience with other UHMW polyethylene manufacturers .


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