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UHMW Rectangular Bar Stock

UHMW Bar Size:Customized Cutting;
Unit Weight :1-20kg;
Density :0.93g/m3;
Chemical Resistance:Din8075;

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UHMW rectangular bar stock is another important stock for us ,it’s one type of UHMW bar stocks .For other irregular shaped UHMW bar stock ,we haven’t prepared it ,that only can be made with orders .


UHMW rectangular bar stock is mainly manufactured by cutting UHMW board ,all our UHMW boards were made by compression mould method .There are different sizes of UHMW rectangular bar stock ,certain of them are pieces after cutting UHMW board ,but majority of them were made specially for making UHMW parts ,among all UHMW parts ,the UHMW rectangular bar stock is the most suitable for making UHMW channels .Firstly the UHMW rectangular bar stock in right size will be put on CNC router for automatic engraving ,the CNC router will process these bar stocks according to drawing in machine’s computer ,the precision can be limited to minimum .Then the UHMW rectangular bar stock after engraving will be trimmed to have smooth edge ,finally it will be packed for delivery .


UHMW PE plastics have many types ,except of round stock ,angle stock ,rectangular bar stock ,we have also special type UHMW PE stock ,welcome to contact and visit our factories .


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