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Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Plastic UHMW Angle Stock

Length of side :10-150mm;
Thickness :6-30mm;
Angle :15-120;
Length of bar:0.1-2m;
Irregular shape:Customized.

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Product Details

UHMW angle stock is not a common used stock ,because there are not important demand ,so we only have a limited quantity ,the exact stock amount depends on market change .But generally speaking ,we have primary types UHMW angle stock for clients ,and make supplement at regular intervals .


UHMW angle stock is mainly made with extruding method ,because some special angle shape is difficult be processed by CNC equipment .The common used type includes 90⁰ ,45⁰ ,30⁰ ,60⁰ and other UHMW angle stocks ,the colors from white ,black to blue ,green and yellow .If clients need customized color ,we can also match color .


UHMWPE is the brief name of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene .According to many years manufacturing and sales experience ,Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd always prepare a certain quantity of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene stock ,when our clients need urgent supplying for ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plastics ,our delivery hasn’t any delay for them ,our aim is to be the best ultra high molecular weight polyethylene supplier over industry .

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