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Plastic Ice Skating Rink For Hockey

Mass melt-flow rate: 0;
Humidity absorption: 0%;
Elongation stress F:0.41MPa

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UHMW-PE as a good performance engineering plastic has wide applications ,in civil field ,it can be used for instead of natural ice rink surface regardless of indoor or outdoor place . Plastic ice skating rink for hockey is made by ultra high molecular weight polyethylene which is refer to the linear polyethylene whose average molecular weight is more than 1.5 million .


There is almost no difference between the real ice rink and the plastic ice skating rink but the plastic ice rink have incomparable advantage in cost. Plastic ice rink is not natural substance ,it’s a full industrial product ,it won’t disappear or be deformed by natural power ,so we need not do maintenance to keep it well ,even in very bad natural environment ,it can keep all properties but won’t change .But real ice cost much ,abundant cost for keeping cold weather to prevent melting water ,everyone know it means many heavy equipments for refrigeration .


On the other hand ,our plastic ice rink for hockey can be installed anywhere and used in all weathers .If the place to install is not flat ,we just need to do leveling ground ,the flatness is not as important as an airport ,small hollow point won’t affect the installation of plastic ice rink .From beginning of putting plastic ice panels to accomplishment ,only half of a day is enough ,refer to our installation guide .

In a word ,plastic ice skating rink for hockey is a not bad investment ,especially suitable for business center ,supermarket ,these indoor place or other outdoor place .Cost of plastic is not high ,no daily maintenance for users ,we intensively suggest it .


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