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Indoor Iceless Ice Skating Rink

Intrinsic viscosity: 2400ml/g;
Viscosity number: 2800cm3/g;
Tensile modulus:680MPa;
Tensile strain at yield: 20%.

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Indoor iceless ice skating rink is a industrial product ,all made by engineering plastics ,it has almost the same feeling as natural ice rink ,the friction coefficient is very close to real ice ,but it has high abrasion ability .It’s known that the real ice surface will be chipped off after every touching by skating boots ,the iceless skating rink don’t be chipped off material .Even after many years using ,the thickness of iceless ice skating rink can still keep the same appearance .Indoor iceless ice skating rink is not only for indoor place ,but also for outdoor place .


Iceless means it has not any real ice ,it’s a plastic product ,the material is UHMW-PE .As an engineering plastic which has many excellent properties ,it is the suitable material for making iceless ice skating rink :

1. Cost advantage -- Compared with the real ice field, the construction cost of iceless ice skating rink is only about 1/5 of the real ice.

2. Field advantage -- Not limited by site area, location and environment. Quick and easy installation.

3. Season Advantage -- All the year round, no matter what the temperature, you can enjoy the pleasure of skating.

4. Low operating cost -- No large power refrigeration costs, no a lot of water for ice. Easy maintenance, long service life. 

5. Environmental protection -- No pollution, no noise, recycled, water-saving and power-saving.

6. Using convenience -- Adjust the ice area and change the purpose according to the market and any other different requirements.


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