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Fake Ice Pad For Portable Hockey Rink

--Canada LYNDO manufacturing process.
--CNC precision cutting, Mirror-like smooth.
--Long service life, More lucrative returns.

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When you have a plan to buy hockey fake ice pads to build a portable hockey rink ,you have a certain goal in mind .Either you want to practice or play on the new fake ice rink ,or you want your customers just have fun in skating on your hockey fake ice pads .There are lots of questionable fake ice pads to choose in the market ,you have to make the right choice to buy the best synthetic ice pads ,but not the cheap synthetic ice pads .But what makes the best pad for hockey rink different ?What are the quality attributes of the best synthetic ice pad ?We hope you have time to read the following article and find the answer ,we recommend you to read the brief guide here .


The best synthetic ice has the lowest friction-coefficient.Yes ,that results in the best synthetic ice having an extra high gliding coefficient which meaning you can’t feel any drag and can make skating almost weight less as skating on real conventional ice .Possible almost all hockey fake ice pad suppliers claim they have the “best gliding degree”.The best way of proof is to consult a professional player who has tested these two different fake ice for hockey and get your own idea ,or you can it yourself .



Portable hockey rink is a huge crowdpuller at any event as they are easy to install and can be used by the whole family. In recent years we have successfully run ice skating events all over the Canada and Europe.We have provided fake ice pads for exhibitions, product launches, team building events, corporate hospitality, university campuses, conferences, trade fairs, family fun days, Christmas Wonderlands, private and public sector parties, schools, colleges, councils and local education authorities.There really is no better surface on which to have a whole heap of fun and gain invaluable exercise at the same time than fake ice pads for portable hockey rinks !


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