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Hockey Boards For Basement Skating Rink

Ball indentation hardness: 35N/mm2;
Wear by sandslurry method: 80;
Relative permittiviry 100Hz: 2.1;
Dissipation factor 100Hz: 4.

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The hockey board is made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material (briefly as UHMW-PE) ,which has the advantages of high wear resistance, self lubrication and  easy to clean. It can be used for ice skating and ice hockey .Its excellent performance is close to that of real ice. The hockey board is environmentally friendly, without electricity drive, and very low cost, which can be installed in any place ,especially in basement .


Hockey boards are usually used where frozen ice surfaces are impractical due to temperatures making natural ice impossible ,the basement for example .Basement skating rinks are also used as an alternative to artificial ice rinks due to the overall cost, not requiring any refrigeration equipment .For pleasure skating, skating rinks can be installed indoors in the basement and entertainment venues while newer installations are being made outdoors. For playing in basement, skating rinks are typically smaller, at about 20 feet (6 m) by 10 feet (3 m), and are used for specialized training, such as shooting or goalie training .


Our hockey boards for basement rinks are very suitable for narrow place such as basement ,club ,and entertainment center . Remember an ice rink is not just for Christmas, it is an all year round attraction and the new exciting and enjoyable way to keep fit . We can provide the plan and scheme of the operation, technical support and installation .The specifications , colour, shape ,anti-slip pattern and logo of the product can be customized as your requirement .


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