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Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Shooting Pad For Rink

Nominal strain at break: >50%;
Tensile creep modulus: 430MPa;
Charpy impact strength: 130KJ/m2;
Shore hardness D scale: 61.

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Synthetic ice rink as a fashionable product is popular in sport equipments market ,but not everyone believe it can replace the real ice rink ,especially they care about the smoothness of synthetic ice shooting pad can’t reach the same grade of real ice .Effectively ,the real feeling of skating is a bit different ,but it won’t affect the skating experience at all .If the synthetic ice shooting pad is made by high quality material ,the smoothness can match the same grade as real ice .We choose the high performance engineering plastic as material of synthetic ice shooting pad ,because it has extreme glide surface and automatic lubrication ability ,it’s the most smooth plastic and the sliding friction is the lowest .


Synthetic Ice shooting pad is the favorite choice of operators who want to provide skating rink excitement and activities without the cost and heavy equipment for refrigeration.No electric bill, low maintenance, highly portable, ideal for any skating sport, and best of all, one of the most affordable synthetic ice shooting pads available today resulting from new innovative manufacturing methods.Skates glide, edges hold, precision spins happen, pucks slide, and everyone is delighted. That's what synthetic ice shooting pad is extreme glide and the best choice for players .


Our extreme glide synthetic ice shooting pads for rink have a huge advantage over real ice as follow:
1, Don't need expensive or pollution generators or chillers
2,We don't have huge fuel or water bills
3,Our skating surface cannot melt
4,We can guarantee 24/7 skating
5,Our surfaces make for a safer skate
6, We have no environmental issues
7,We don't need our surfaces to be re-surfaced
8, Installation / de-rigging time is a lot quicker .


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