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Synthetic Ice Rink

Canada LYNDO manufacturing technique,main material of UHMW-PE,best abradability and longest lifetime.Before synthetic ice rink,the people can only enjoy the skating sport in winter with very cold temperature .By the help of advanced refrigeration equipments,we can build artificial man-made ice rink,although it needn’t cold natural environment,but the refrigeration cost is very high,because it consume much electricity.Synthetic ice rink is completely built by high abrasion plastic,it won’t spend any electricity,only daily maintenance will be enough.
Synthetic ice skating rink is a modern product ,it satisfy the requirement for people who loves ice skating sport .Long time ago ,the people can only enjoy the skating sport in winter with very cold temperature. Following the progress of science ,we can fabricate ice and keep the real ice below freezing point.The man-made real ice rink is artificial ice rink ,although we don’t need very cold environmental temperature ,but the maintenance cost is very high ,because the refrigeration equipment will consume many electricity .Finally ,we use plastic ice rink to replace artificial man-made ice rink ,it has not limit for environmental temperature ,the maintenance cost is very low ,durable and the service life is extra long .
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