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  • UHMW Sheet

    UHMW Sheet

    All UHMW sheets were made by cold compression moulding technique and processed by CNC machines.UHMW sheet is the raw material for making silo liner ,marine fender ,temporary road mat and crane outrigger mat.Our main products are medium or thick UHMW-PE sheets,the thickness from 6mm to 300mm.We have 4 full automatic production lines for processing the size from 1.2m×3.5m to 2.2m×10.0m.All UHMW sheets must be tested with strict criterion,our products have got ISO ,CE, SGS and other international certificates.
  • Plastic Conveyor Roller

    Plastic Conveyor Roller

    All kinds of plastic roller for belt conveyor,including nylon roller,UHMW-PE roller,flat roller,impact roller,troughing roller,training roller,load roller and return roller..Comparison with steel roller or rubber roller,plastic roller has the lowest price,but it’s the most durable one.Except of some heavy loading or high temperature conditions,the plastic roller can perfectly replace it.The raw material is nylon or UHMW-PE,nylon roller has better hardness but the elasticity is not as good as UHMW-PE roller.
  • Machined UHMW Parts

    Machined UHMW Parts

    UHMW scraper,UHMW channel,UHMW rail,all machined UHMW parts can be processed with client order.Except of standard parts,our factory can also process custom-made UHMW parts according to drawing of client,and provide semi-finished products such as UHMW rod,UHMW bar,UHMW block.Because of the ultra long molecular chain,its elongation at break is very high,it makes the processing of UHMW parts very hard.To guarantee a high precision for UHMW parts,we all use CNC machines to process.
  • Synthetic Ice Rink

    Synthetic Ice Rink

    Canada LYNDO manufacturing technique,main material of UHMW-PE,best abradability and longest lifetime.Before synthetic ice rink,the people can only enjoy the skating sport in winter with very cold temperature .By the help of advanced refrigeration equipments,we can build artificial man-made ice rink,although it needn’t cold natural environment,but the refrigeration cost is very high,because it consume much electricity.Synthetic ice rink is completely built by high abrasion plastic,it won’t spend any electricity,only daily maintenance will be enough.
  • Temporary Road Mat

    Temporary Road Mat

    Tufftrak technical standards,OEM/ODM customized manufacture,square or round shape for client choice.In early time,the wood is used to put on muddy road,but the service life is very short,in normal case,after 2 or 3 times using,it will be broken and hard to be reused.Nowadays,we use plastic road mat to replace wood or metal,because the plastic has better physical and chemical resistance,the wear resistance is very high,even better than metal.Only one piece of temporary road mat can form a small path to pass,thick and wide mats can support heavy vehicles to pass.
  • Crane Outrigger Pad

    Crane Outrigger Pad

    Crane outrigger pad is widely used for mobile crane,boom truck,backhoe,RV,excavator and other heavy vehicles.The function of crane outrigger mat is to stabilize the crane,and prevent it from sinking in soft ground when working.The material is UHMW-PE,the compression strength and the wear resistance is the best then all other plastics.Our crane outrigger pads are widely used for heavy vehicles such as mobile crane,backhoe excavator and boom truck.Our crane outrigger pads are all made by compression moulding,the maximal force can reach 16800MT.
  • UHMW Plastics Stock

    UHMW Plastics Stock

    Including UHMW round stock,UHMW angle stock,UHMW bar stock,UHMW tube stock,available for immediate delivery.To manufacture machined UHMW parts,we should firstly prepare UHMW stock.UHMW stock is excess production of our Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene PE (UHMW-PE) products or semi finished product.These UHMW-PE stocks were made with high quality and have precise size and shape,the molecular weight from 3 million to 9 million,different colors for client’s choice,another advantage of UHMW plastics stock is the competitive price.
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