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Whole Plastic Roller for Conveyors

Plastic Roller Diameter:89mm;
Plastic Roller Length:190-455mm;
Bounce In Radical Direction:<0.5mm;
Load In Axial Direction:>15KN;
Duration Of Life:20000 hours;

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The whole plastic roller is our new product .Different from conventional plastic rollers ,the conventional plastic roller only has the plastic roll ,the axle and the bearing are all steels ,but the plastic roller has the whole body made by plastic ,we say it whole plastic roller ,because every part of this type roller has not any metal material .The whole plastic composition gives it special usage ,for example ,it can work under water or in very humid environment .


Advantage of whole plastic roller:


The axle is very important for rollers ,the steel axle has better strength ,so we often takes steel tube as axle material .In normal case ,the plastic axle has not the same strength as steels .To solve this problem ,we use solid plastic axle instead of hollow steel tube ,the solid axle has excellent overall strength ,and it has better rebound resilience .The plastic bearing has the best impact resistance ,metal bearing need lubricating oil to keep good working ,but the plastic bearing can make auto lubrication ,so it need not lubrication .

Comparison with other material roller:


There are many types plastic roller for conveyors ,flat plastic roller ,troughing plastic roller ,training plastic roller... If the working place need whole plastic rollers ,please contact our sales agent and let us know your requirements .Except of plastic roller for conveyors ,we have also other types such as nylon roller or other conventional rollers .


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