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Training Load & Return Idlers Transition Idlers

Training Idler Diameter:89,108mm;
Training Idler Length:190-525mm;
Belt Width :500-1400mm;
Bounce In Radical Direction:<0.5mm;
Leakproofness :Soaking Proof;

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We have two types of training idler ,one is the training load idler ,the other is training return idler .The training load idler is installed in upper surface which is the loading material surface ,the training return idler is installed in under surface which is the surface without loading material .All the two types idlers belongs to training idlers ,training idler is one type of transition idler .


During the working of belt conveyor ,it’s frequent tosee off tracking or broken belt ,if we don’t adjust it ,the stretching force in each side of roller will be not equal ,as time passed ,the side which takes more force will be broken ,so we need to adjust the off tracking .


For short length belt conveyor ,it’s more frequent to see off tracking .The best adjusting way is to make long slot to change the axis location to have new balance .Because the short length belt conveyor has not many idlers ,this way is more efficient .It’s easier to make adjusting without adding device .But for long length belt conveyor ,this way is so hard to do ,the best way is to use auto adjusting idler .

Training load idler and training return idler ,both are auto adjusting idlers .Taking example for training load idler ,it’s composed by 3 idlers ,the central one is a short flat idler ,in two sides there are two specific troughing idlers ,the troughing idler is made by one side auto adjusting device .When off tracking occur ,the adjusting device will change the belt to right position ,furthest avoid off tracking .


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