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Impact Idler Impact Roller

Impact Idler Diameter:89,108,133mm;
Impact Idler Length:200-530mm;
Belt Width :500-1400mm;
Bounce In Axial Direction:<0.7mm;
Load In Axial Direction:>15KN;

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Impact idler also called as impact roller .The main usage of impact idler is to reduce the impact by loading material to the belt ,it’s always installed in loading material place .If we only install normal idler here ,the great impact force will strike the belt surface ,and thus brings the roller deformation and makes the belt broken .So we have to replace them by special roller which can bear great impact shock force ,it must have elastic surface to protect the belt on it .The elastic surface needs soft material but not very soft ,the people use rubber material ,but the rubber layer hasn’t a long life ,2 years in normal case .At present ,we use ultra high molecular weight polymer as elastic surface for impact idler .


Ultra high molecular weight polymer has many advantage ,the most important one is the extra impact resistance ,it’s considered as the most impact resistant plastic in all kinds of materials .With tests results ,the ultra high molecular weight polymer layer can absorb more than 90% of impact force ,can well protect the belt of conveyor .His service life is much longer than steel roller or rubber roller .


The impact roller can’t be replaced by normal flat roller ,because the axis and the surface is made by different material ,so the character is quite different .On the other side ,the cost of impact roller is higher than flat roller ,so we only need install them in necessary loading place .The interval of impact rollers must be calculated by dropping height ,weight of material and contact area ,in normal case ,the interval is between 100mm to 600mm .The size of impact roller is also should be calculated by formulas .So if you want choose right model of impact rollers ,please contact us .



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