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Different Shapes Conveyor Belt UHMW Plastic Rollers

Load In Axial Direction:≥1500n;
Soaking Sealing:≤150g;
Water Pouring Sealing:≤250g;
Oxygen Index :24-30%;
Friction Coefficient:≤0.10.

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Product Details

Plastic conveyor rollers are distinguished from steel rollers ,we choose the best physical properties engineering plastic UHMW-PE as belt conveyor rollers surface and sleeve .In comparison with common materials ,UHMW roller has prominent advantage .


UHMW-PE roller VS Steel roller


UHMW roller has advantage such as wear resistance ,impact resistance ,self lubrication ,wear resistance ,absorbing impact force ,cold resistance, healthful non-toxic ,anti-adhering ability ,very low water absorption ,etc. All our belt conveyor rollers are made by superior 3 millions molecular weight UHMW tube which was made with extrusion technology .


Main advantages of UHMW roller :

1.The molecular structure of UHMW-PE is spiral and linear ,so it has outstanding impact resistance .Many advanced countries have applied it into military armor manufacturing ,instead of heavy metal armor .If it's applied to make belt conveyor rollers ,it will never be cracked along with rollers rotation ,never be broken by heavy goods on belt ,UHMW shapes never be changed .

2.The friction factor is very small ,approximated to ice .As the rollers surface ,it will surely reduce the friction between roller and belt ,so the service life will be extended .

3.The wear resistance is the best all over engineering plastics .As the tests shown ,his wear resistance is 5-7 times higher than steel and inox ,so the service lift will be 3 times longer than steel rollers .

4 .The chemical resistance is very well ,any acid ,alkali ,salt can hardly react with it .As conveyor belt rollers ,we don’t worry about any UHMW shapes changing .

5. The water absorption is extremely low ,only 0.01% ,so the anti-adhering ability is very strong ,neither with water nor oil ,it won’t adhere any powder or dust .As conveyor belt rollers ,we don't worry about the block belt caused by adhering of rollers .

6. The relative density is small ,only 0.94 than water, 0.125 than steel .As conveyor belt rollers ,the installation and maintenance is very easy ,no noise during working .

7. UHMW roller has anti static electricity ability .



Specification :

Rollers diameter

60mm, 89mm,108mm,114mm,127mm,133mm,159mm

Sealing parts

Labyrinth sealing parts



Note :other diameters can be customized with client’s demand .

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