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Different Materials Conveyor Belt UHMW Plastic Idlers

Radial Round Bounce:≤0.70mm;
Axial Displacement:≤0.70mm;
Turning Resistance:≤0.25n;
Axial Displacement After Falling:≤1.5mm;
Turning Resistance After Falling:≤3.75n.

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Common used belt conveyor are composed of belt ,conveyor idler ,driving ,tensioning ,redirection ,loading ,unloading ,cleaning system .Conveyor idler is an important part of conveyor ,because of large quantity and kinds .The cost of conveyor idler take up 35% of all conveyor's cost ,it will bear 70% of all resistance ,so the quality of idlers is very important .The effect of idlers is to support the weight of conveyor;s belt and the goods on belt ,so the conveyor's idlers must well run without friction .How to reduce the friction between idlers and belt is very important to prolong the service lift .Although the idler is a simple part in the structure of belt conveyor ,but making the high quality idler isn’t an easy thing .Here are some criterion to choose the type of idler ,for example the bounce grade in radical direction ,the flexibility ,the displacement in axial direction .The materials for making idlers such as steel ,rubber ,ceramic ,plastic ...The most common type is plastic idler ,nylon and UHMW material .UHMW material has more advantage than nylon 66 ,the stability and the service lift is much more than nylon idler .So we said the UHMW idler is the best among all plastic idlers .


Advantage of belt conveyor UHMW idlers:

1.UHMW-PE has good self friction ability and anti-adhering ability ,so the surface of belt conveyor idler can't adhere any goods bringing accumulation .

2. The friction coefficient of UHMW-PE is much low than steel ,so the running will be more steady .The running of UHMW idler can save 16% electricity than other idlers .

3. The UHMW idler has longer service life than other idlers. The wear resistance is 7 times more than steel, 3 times more than nylon, and more than all other engineering plastics ,so it's given a name like "King of plastics". In fact ,through all impact tests, the UHMW idler has never been broken .The service life is 3-5 times longer than steel idler .

4. It can extremely prolong the life of conveyor belt ,because the surface of idler won't be adhered substance ,so it won't be corroded and can protect the belt .Even while the idler don't run ,it won’t hurt the belt. In fact, UHMW material was usually used as protection material for belt ,chain ,etc…

5. The cost of UHMW idler is lower ,it's economic to use this type idler .The weight is light ,only 1/3 of steel idler ,the installation and the replacement is very easy . 

6. It can obviously reduce the working noise ,the UHMW-PE can well absorb the impact force and the shock force ,the noise and the vibration will be removed .

7. It has good chemical resistance ,it can be used in bad environment .If the UHMW material can be used with steel structure ,the supporting ability can be improved . 



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