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White conveyor belt idler roller

Idler Roller Diameter:89,108,133mm;
Idler Roller Length:600-1600mm;
Belt Width :500-1400mm;
Resistance Against Rotation:<3.5N;
Leakproofness :Soaking Proof;

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White conveyor belt has a high tensile strength ,whether how long it is or how heavy the load is ,it must bear the tension and has not any breakage .The belt core is in canvas or in wire rope ,so the tensile strength can be guaranteed .The idler roller is the part directly contacting the belt ,so the strength must be as well as conveyor belt .


The production process of conveyor belt idler roller is not complicated ,but the assemblage need advanced technique and every part of conveyor idler roller must has precise size ,otherwise we can’t assemble a high quality idler conveyor roller .Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd has more than 20 years production experience for conveyor idler rollers ,we have metallic processing workshop ,every metal part of idler roller is made by our own machine ,we have 4 independent extruding machine to fabricate plastic parts ,the roll is made by our UHMW PE material which gives the idler roller the best wear resistance .


The axle is the core of idler roller ,both ends were cut to have key slot to insert in conveyor’s place .Then bearings were put in the axle ,it connect the axle and the roll ,then the whole roll was put covering the axle and the bearing ,finally we put washers ,shaft seals in needed place ,a conveyor belt idler roller was fabricated over .


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