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All kinds of plastic roller for belt conveyor,including nylon roller,UHMW-PE roller,flat roller,impact roller,troughing roller,training roller,load roller and return roller..Comparison with steel roller or rubber roller,plastic roller has the lowest price,but it’s the most durable one.Except of some heavy loading or high temperature conditions,the plastic roller can perfectly replace it.The raw material is nylon or UHMW-PE,nylon roller has better hardness but the elasticity is not as good as UHMW-PE roller.
Belt conveyor’s roller has three types ,they are steel rollers ,rubber rollers and plastic rollers. Comparison with steel roller and rubber roller ,plastic roller is the lowest price one ,but it’s also the most durable one .Except of some heavy loading or hot temperature conditions ,the plastic roller can be used to every circumstance . Nylon rollers and UHMW rollers are common used plastic belt rollers ,the whole roll is made by nylon or UHMW materials ,the shaft and the bearing are alloy steel ,so it has the same rotating ability ,but the roll surface is more smooth than steel or rubber .
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