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Plastic Road Mat for Sale

Type :UHMW PE Road Mat;
Length :100mm-5000mm;
Thickness :10mm-300mm;
Chemical Resistance:Din8075;
Working Temperature:-250℃ to +90℃;

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So long ago ,the road mat was used to put on muddy or soft ground in order that walkers or vehicles can pass without trouble .In early time ,the road mat was made by wood board ,it’s light enough and easy to carry ,but not very strong ,as time goes on ,the wood material will be aged and soften ,and become difficult to use .Later on ,the people use iron road mat ,though it’s very strong but so heavy to transport ,besides the iron mat is easy to rust .Until modern times ,along with the engineering plastics development ,the people begin to use plastic road mat ,it’s confirmed the plastic road mat has better property then metal or board road mat .

Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd is an enterprise for high molecular plastic products ,the plastic road mat is our main product ,the road mat for sale .With the fast infrastructure construction in China ,our plastic road mats were widely used for different kinds of projects .We have over 20 years production experience for this product ,the road mat products were not only used in China ,but also in many projects overseas .


For purpose of manufacturing high wear resistance road mat ,we adopt hot compression mould tech .Comparison with other manufacturing tech ,the hot compression mould process need more time ,more heating energy and more complicated tech ,but the final product has the best property ,whether the wear resistance or impact resistance .The first step is to heat raw material to be melted ,then the mat was compressed with a certain pressure .The second step is to cool and compress the mat with ultra high pressure ,our working pressure can reach 16800MT .Finally the mats will be cut and drilled to any size we need .

We have many types of plastic road mat for sale ,if the order quantity is sufficient ,we can make client’s logo on products surface .Normally the color is black ,if you need specific color ,please contact our sales agent .


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