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Grass Lawn Ground Protection Mat

Type :Plastic Lawn Protection Mat;
Thickness :10mm-300mm;
Unit Weight :10-50kg;
Shore Hardness :62;
Color :Black Or As Clients Demand

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Lawn mat also known as grass mat or lawn protection mat ,it’s one of ground protection mats .Made by engineering plastic ,the basis element is high density polyethylene ,it’s one of environmental material ,poisonless and harmless ,the same material is used for making cutting board ,it has been proved that the high density polyethylene can be applied for food industry and cooking .It has excellent UV resistance ,even with a whole day sunlight ,it won’t release any harmful substance .It has also good chemical resistance ,whether the soil is acidic or caustic ,the lawn mat won’t have any chemical reaction with it .

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The essential function of lawn mat is to protection grass in lawn ,so we can also call it as lawn protection mat or grass protection mat .The surface is full of independent cell ,each cell is like a small grass room, the grass in it can grow without any damage outside .It’s easy to carry but very strong to use ,even heavy truck can stop on our grass mat ,the maximal weight to support is more than 120MT .When the vehicle stop on grass mat ,the wheels won’t destroy grass at all ;when the leaving of vehicle ,here is still a natural lawn without any damage .


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