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Different Field Mat Crane Mat Excavator Mat

Width :100mm-2000mm;
Unit Weight :10-50kg;
Bending Strength:27Mpa;
Elasticity Modulus:680Mpa;
Working Temperature:-250℃ to +90℃;

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For building project ,we should use many types filed mats .In early time ,the worker was used to rig mat which is easy to fabricate ,the weight is low but not very strong to bear heavy load .Now more and more people use compound macromolecular polymer field mat to put on the field hard to pass ,no matter the vehicle or the equipment how heavy is ,the high strength polymer field mat can ensure the safe passing .

Crane mat is one of common used model ,it usually has a small size ,the thickness depend on the weight to bear .Our crane mat is made by material of UHMW PE which is called as Amazing Plastic ,because its compression resistance and impact resistance is the best in all kinds of plastics .Its service life substantially exceeds other crane mats ,after long using time ,the property remains still as brand new ,any deformation of shape .


Excavator mat is used for different kinds of crawler type machines such as bulldozer ,excavator ,crawler crane or tanks .It usually has bigger size and thickness ,the specific stripe ensure the passing of such heavy crawler belt machines .From another point of view ,the excavator mat can well protect the field to pass ,because the crawler belt should damage the soil and the plants in it if without excavator mat .In muddy place ,if we haven’t such a field mat ,the crawler belt must slip and can’t move ,the rig mat or metal mat is difficult to put such place ,plastic excavator mat can well solve this problem .

Except of crane mat ,excavator mat ,we have also other types field mat for client’s choice ,Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd has a long history for production field mats ,the quality as well as tufftrack mat ,it’s widely used in many projects in our country or overseas ,welcome to your visit .


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