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What’s The Raw Material Of Plastic Screen Plate ?

In early time ,the filter machine user begin to use plastic screen to replace heavy metal screen and get not bad effect ,the raw material of plastic screen plate in early time is nylon .Before 20 years ago ,nylon and series products are high performance plastic ,even using for filter machine ,it’s much better than traditional screen plate .But it has a natural defect ,nylon has a certain water absorption rate .Because the mixture to separation has always a water content ,the nylon material will absorb water and have deformation .The deformed plastic screen will oppress the inwall of filter chamber ,and the filter hole will not be uniform as original shape .Although this process takes a long time ,but once the nylon filter screen will be deformed ,that won’t be useful any more ,so we have to reasearch new plastic material to replace it .

Until the finding of UHMW PE screen ,this problem was just resolved .We can say ,UHMW PE is the most appropriate material for making plastic screen plate .Because as a plastic screen plate’s material ,the most important properties are wear resistance ,low water absorption and maintenance free , UHMW PE screen plate is satisfied for all properties above .

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