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What Role Does The UHMW Coal Bunker Liner Play

UHMWPE coal bunker liner is a thermoplastic special engineering plastic. The UHMW coal bunker lining combines the superior performance of all plastic materials and is a high value in existing engineering plastics. Everyone knows that coal-fired power generation must use coal bunkers. However, in order to block coal bunkers, we need to use coal bunker linings. So, what is the main role of bunker linings here? Below, the following is a detailed introduction for everyone.

Coal bunker is an important part of the coal-fired power plant's milling system. In large-scale power plants and medium-sized power plants, most of the main coal bunkers are made of steel and steel. As the material flows in the silo, the friction of the steel plate with the silo wall easily damages the siding wall, and the surface of the steel plate is rough and easily causes coal plugging. Therefore, the inner wall of the coal bunker is designed with a layer of coal bunker with a wear-resistant strength five to six times higher than that of the ordinary steel plate to extend the service life of the bunker and reduce the maintenance rate.

What role does the UHMW coal bunker liner play

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