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What Is The Impact Of Waste Plastics On The Polyethylene Market?

There are two sources of waste plastics, one is domestic waste plastics, and the other is imported waste plastics. In the end of 2017, the import of waste products was stopped, and waste plastics accounted for a considerable proportion. In 2017, China imported more than 7 million tons of waste plastics, while PE accounted for more than 2 million tons. PE is mainly used for packaging materials. It is not feasible to use waste plastics on food packaging, but it can be used for non-food packaging.

The list of approved import-type applications approved in the 14th batch was publicized, and only 2 enterprises were approved for waste plastics. This year is the last year of the import of waste plastics, but it is obvious that this year is more bleak. Recently, due to the sharp decline in the import of waste plastics and domestic restrictions on the recycling industry, the use of domestic waste plastics has declined in recent years.

From the current situation, China imported 3,200 tons of waste plastics in the first four months of 2018. It was about 100,000 tons per month before, but now it has imported more than 3,000 tons in the first four months. China's imports of waste plastics have basically shown a stagnant state. So, what impact does this have on the new materials in the PE industry?

As the largest area of domestic PE consumption in East China, the PE downstream enterprises in the region are relatively dense, but in recent years, with the emphasis on the domestic environmental protection industry, and with the active implementation of the most stringent environmental protection special actions in history, Most of the printing and dyeing enterprises in the East China area that have serious environmental pollution have been rectified.

In the process of environmental inspection "looking back", some small PE downstream enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have been shut down or rectified one after another, and local PE raw material dealers have been affected by this, and overall sales have been blocked. In this part of the downstream enterprises, the demand for LDPE and LLDPE is more obvious. This also reflects the centralized maintenance period of the East China Polyethylene plant, and its price is still difficult to rise.

What is the impact of waste plastics on the polyethylene market

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