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What Is Quadrant Tivar 1000 ?

Quadrant is a well known company ,belongs to Mitsubishi Group .It’s the leader company in high molecular plastics manufacture ,Tivar 1000 is the name of a series of its products .It represents ultra high molecular weight polyethylene products which is a high performance engineering plastic ,the molecular weight is generally from 1.5 million to 7 million .Quadrant is the company who has defined this series products standards .


Long before at least 20 years ,Quadrant has already not been the unique company making Tivar 1000 standard products .We can say many other manufacturers can produce the same performance product even better than it .Especially in China ,this is “the factory of world” ,Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd is one of them who is one of the biggest manufacturers in Tivar 1000 series products .With unceasing technologic improvement ,the product quality has attained to the highest standard in the industry ,all production process respect ISO9001 ,the product has been authenticated by SGS system .

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