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What Is Choosing The Right Roller Tips

1, according to the printed version of the mesh line selection: to ensure printing dot accurate reproduction of all tonal levels, each dot on the plate must be accurate ink. To this end, the opening area of the roller should be less than the dot, so you can have one or several Cells ink and would not allow dot in a mesh, makes printing dots appear expanded. 2, according to the choice of frame structure: for the same textured carving, line number, the higher volume of ink, the less is more suitable for print outlets and small text; and the lower line ink more, more suitable for printing large blocks of color and bold. 3, according to substrate choices: when the surface roughness of the substrate, ink transfers a large quantity, requires fewer network cable roller; on the contrary, print smooth surface of the substrate to use wire lines, small amount of ink transfer roller. 4, depending on the degree of wear choose roller: when the roller should reduce by half the volume of the Cells is replaced with new. 5, according to the different inking device select roller

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