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What Are The Standards For PE Boards

PE plastic sheet is a new type of polymer material. Plates, tubes and bars made of it are widely used in every day of production, and gradually replace traditional plastics. I will introduce the PE board below.

PE plastic sheets refer to polyethylene plastic sheets, which can be classified into many types depending on the constituent materials and the production process, and different varieties of polyethylene plastic sheets are used differently. The PE board we are talking about is made of a highly crystalline, non-polar thermoplastic resin. Compared with traditional plastic plates, the PE plate is greatly enhanced by its corrosion resistance. It can not only avoid the corrosion of general substances, but also avoid the corrosion of some corrosive chemicals, such as concentrated nitric acid, aromatic hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons. Wait. Secondly, the PE board has better insulation effect, and the temperature habit is wide and the habit is extremely strong.

As a new generation of plastic sheet, PE board is very useful, and it is used in industrial production and daily life. For example, PE boards are now used more in the cabinet industry. The PE board has a good flatness, a simple material shape, and can also be carved on the outside, so it is widely used as a cabinet board. For example, in industrial production, PE sheets can be used to manufacture various machine parts, and can also be used for equipment linings, pipe linings, pipeline valves, and the like.

What are the standards for PE boards

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