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Wear Resistance Index Of UHMW PE Plate

We mainly use mortar wear resistance index to measure the wear resistant material’s wear resistance .Among all types plastics ,UHMW PE has the best wear resistance ,much more than metallic materials ,the wear resistance is 7 times than steel ,27 times than copper .Even comparison with other engineering plastics ,the wear resistance is also much higher ,for example ,it’s 5 times than nylon 66 ,10 times than PVC .With such high a wear resistance ,common wear resistance test can’t measure his index ,only mortar wear resistance index can show his real wear resistance .

UHMW PE plate is the main product of Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd ,we use compression molding technology to produce this ultra wear resistant plastic ,the thickness from 10mm to 300mm .The UHMW PE plate made by compression molding method has better wear resistance than other methods .

uhmw pe plate

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