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Way Of Fixing UHMWPE Sheets On Concrete Structures

The way to fix the UHMWPE sheet on the concrete structure is as follows:

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheets can be installed on concrete when installing concrete tanks, hoppers, or when renovating or reinforcing old tanks or hoppers.

Before installation, it is necessary to check the strength of the concrete structure. The thickness and firmness of the cement layer are necessary. The thickness and structure of the concrete have a direct relationship with the firmness of the installation liner.

According to the results of the check: select the appropriate fastening material, and use special expansion bolts to connect, the expansion bolts must be placed on the hard cement layer without cracks and holes.

If the above conditions are not met, plastic anchors are required to ensure that the lining is firmly fixed. The distance between the fixing bolts depends on the thickness of the lining and the operating conditions.

Way of fixing UHMWPE sheets on concrete structures

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