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Unbreakable Crane Outrigger Pads

Mobile crane is a common used lifting device ,the lifting capacity from 5MT up to 120MT .When working on strong enough surface ,it must stretch out its outriggers and fix on ground ,we’d better put some rough surface matter ,the usage is to stabilize the crane makes it not moving ,safety is the core point .But if the mobile crane need to work on muddy ground ,the pad is indispensable to put under every crane's outrigger .

The crane outrigger pad has high abrasion and wear resistance ,it’s not like rigs easy to be broken ,not like metal pad so heavy to move .The relative smooth surface serves the metal outrigger softly which can well protect the metal from abrasion between metals.

Even the plastic crane outrigger pads have long lifetime ,but within high frequency uses condition ,it’s possible to be broken .Our crane outrigger pads are not like other look-a-like outrigger pads ,it’s engineering from top to bottom ,our manufacturing use exclusive patented technology ,all thermoplastic products made by our exclusive formula which gives the crane outrigger pads greater stiffness and strength ,clients favorably called it unbreakable crane outrigger pads .

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